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We cut ply, MDF, chipboard, osb, furniture board to your bespoke sizes. Available for collection or delivery. Please enter your sizes and click the 'Add to basket' button below for each piece and we will get back to you with a price ASAP. Click here for further information. Please note we use millimetres(mm), not centimetres(cm).

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2mm:£8.50, 6mm:£17.50, 9mm:£20.00, 12mm:£30.00, 15mm:£34.00, 18mm:£35.00, 22mm:£50.00

Malayan Ply
4mm:£15.00, 6mm:£18.00, 9mm:£25.00, 12mm:£32.50, 18mm:£46.00

Elliotis Ply
12mm:£21.00, 18mm:£30.00


11mm:£16.00, 18mm:£24.00

Marine Ply
6mm:£40.00, 12mm:£50.00, 18mm:£75.00


Pine laminated board

Oak laminated board

Oak veneered MDF

Pine veneered MDF

Steam beach veneered MDF

Sapele veneered MDF

Cutting charges
For qtr,half sheets add £3 to 8x4 before dividing up.
8x4 cutting, £5 for 5. Additional pieces 50p each.
Qtr,half sheets £3 for 3. Additional pieces 50p each.
Pine lam and conti £3 for 3. Additional pieces 50p each.
Multiple same size pieces from 8x4, 30 pieces, 10 rips, £5 for 5 pieces. Additional pieces 25p each.
Multiple same size pieces from same part, 10 pieces, 5 rips, £3 for 3 pieces. Additional pieces 25p each.

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