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All prices include VAT.
DX Freight
All Goods : Website price : £0.00 Ebay Price : £0.00
Cheaper Timber Only Rate : Website price : £0.00 Ebay Price : £0.00
Cost to us : £100000.00
Region that the postcode falls in:-
£4.50 residential charge is included.
Wayne is not available as google isnt returning a mileage.
Thrasos(<(7-14) day) :£1000000.00(Price to charge customer)
Region that the postcode falls in:-
Shaun is not available as google isnt returning a mileage.
Myhermes (3/5 working days): Insurance £0.00 + Delivery £3.62 = £3.62(Cost to us)
See restrictions below.
Royal mail (24hr):
Small parcel: max size:450x350x160mm, max weight = 2kg £3.40(Cost to us)
Large letter: max size:353x250x25mm, max weight = 750g £1.09(Cost to us)
Sheet Price:
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B Taylor(Cost to us)Next working day(72hr for BT(Ireland))72 hour
Out Of range for B.Taylor.


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Is a man in a van type courier. Doesn't really price on weight or mileage. They just price on area. Up to 7 working days. Matt will book in with them.

DX Freight
Is a Hub lorry courier. They price on weight and area, not mileage. They are next day delivery for Lowlands and England/Wales. They are 3/5 working days highlands and Scotland offshore. Items need packaging really well as they will get thrown about.

Wayne or VikingLord
Are man in van type couriers. They price on mileage. Items don't need packaging. Up to 5 working days. Will do local deliveries.

Drives our lorry for local deiveries up to 15 miles.

3/5 working days. Parcel service. They price on weight only. Max weight is 15kg. Maximum length is 1200mm. Maximum value for insurance is £300. Anything over £300 will nullify the insurance.
Size restraint: 2 x (sum of two shortest sides) + longest side <= 2450mm.
A tube can weigh up to 15kg and must be less than 1200mm in length and less than 200mm in diameter.
They collect from us Monday to Friday twice a day

Royal Mail
They collect from us Monday to Friday at the end of the day. They price on weight only.
Tubes: Length of the item plus twice the diameter must be less than 104cm, with the greatest dimension less than 90cm.