Sheet Cutting Calculator Information


We cut Ply,MDf,chipbard,OSB,Contiboard and Pine furniture board which we stock. We can cut the same day and while you wait in store. Please bare in mind our saw cut is about 3mm in thickness. There is a cutting charge. We do not guarantee that your ply will come flat. Some materials are more likely to warp than others. You need to bare this in mind. Sheet materials are not suitable for doors as single pieces. Pine ply is especially prone to warp and twist. Most sheet materials need to be fastened into place to keep then flat. Our cutting accuracy is within 2mm but usually within 1mm. Once our saw is set to a given size all pieces cut will be exactly the same size for that dimension. If you have our box cutting service we will guarantee this.

Typical sheet sizes

Sheets of 'far eastern ply', marine ply, OSB, MDF, Chipboard and Pine ply are supplied to us in 2440mm x 1220mm. We then sell them in full, half and quarter sheets. The Full sheet size is as it comes to us which is 2440x1220mm. The half sheet size is 2440x605mm or 1220x1215mm. The quarter sheet size is 1220x605mm or 2440x300mm. Please bare these sizes in mind when planning a cutting list to use the sheet sizes in the most efficient way. Marine ply is priced from full sheets only. Our funiture board and conti-board come in a variety of standard sizes. Please check our website listings.

Furniture Board

Pine furniture board comes in a range of different sizes as specified in this link. Please work within these sizes. Our furniture Board is made from strips of high quality redwood, glued together to give wider boards and stability. They come in three thicknesses; 18mm, 27mm and 32mm. Please try to work with 18mm thickness boards as they come in the widest variety of sizes. They are untreated bare timber.

MFC(Melamine face chipboard) or conti-board
Conti-board comes in a range of different sizes as specified in this link. Please work within these sizes. Ideal for making shelves or cabinets. We also sell edging for it in our shop. Cut edges are very easily damaged. Please handle with care.


We stock plain MDF and then four veneered MDFs:'steamed Beach',Sapele,Pine and Oak(American white). The veneer on the MDF is extremely thin so please be careful when sanding. We also sell edging for it in our shop. It is real wood veneer and untreated.

Steamed Beach
Plain MDF
Pine MDF
Sapele MDF


We have 3 types of ply: 'far eastern', 'Pine' and 'Marine ply'. The Pine ply is not suitable for painting and is only to be used where it is to be covered. Far eastern ply can be treated with paint or stain and used externally or internally. Marine ply is the next grade up from far eastern ply and it is the same colour. Marine Ply can be used where it is constantly wet. We only sell Marine ply in full sheets(8'x4').

Pine Ply

Far Eastern Ply

O.S.B.(Oriented Strand Board)

O.S.B. is mainly used for flat roofs. Its rough surface makes it unsuitable for finishing or flooring. External rating.


Chipboard is used for flooring and flat roofs mainly. It is for internal use only.